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in tokyo and chicago to provide those funds for security and for economic development. having that force is to ensure and guarantee that development can concur rests with both those candidates. they both realize how important it is for the long-term future of afghanistan so i agree with john. let's see how this plays out but with of those candidates realize how important this is. i am optimistic we will get resolution or some agreement that will not split the country and we can move forward. >> what i am hearing out of the white house is a threat that if they cannot come to an agreement, resolve this dispute over the election, that the u.s. not only pulls out militarily but the financial support for that government. can we allow afghanistan to devolve to back where it was? >> i hope you're hearing exactly that. the threat. they have to come to an agreement but would be disastrous if it played out in that way and we did follow through on such a threat. one of the problems is the u.s. has to be deeply involved in all of these areas. trying to influence them and we are at a moment in time w
is in the clintons. >> host: carlos from chicago on our independent line you were on with edward klein. >> caller: good morning. how were you doing mr. klein? what i'm going to tell you i have a couple of questions and then a comment and a suggestion for your guests. >> guest: good. >> caller: if you are talking from an african-american perspective and you look at both presidents that you have talked about, past and present, my question first of all is are you republican, democrat or independent? >> guest: personally i am a registered independent. >> caller: oh you are a registered independent. okay my next question would be what prompted you to write this book and what prompted me to make this phonecall is because they say again if you look at things and as i say you are not qualified and i can understand that but as an african-american would have been shared with you about their accomplishments that our president has done? >> guest: why would like to comment on that if i may. >> host: go ahead sir. go ahead mr. klein. >> guest: okay. i have made many trips to chicago where barack obama began hi
as the pressure point in his open housing drive. >> dr. king takes the civil rights movement north to chicago. and the issue is housing. >> the northern scene was a far more complicated scene and did not have the advantage of the jim crow law. as a target. >> it was one thing for northern liberals when the issue was integration in selma. quite a different thing when it was in cicero. >> if let's say 10 or 20 families moved into cicero, which is a town of 70,000? >> they'd get killed. >> it was the beginning of serious white backlash against the entire civil rights movement. >> the nation suddenly learned what it should have known, that racial prejudice was not just a southern problem, it was nationwide. if whites in the north formerly could confront themselves by pointing an accusing finger at the south, they could do so no longer. >> once again showing open hostility towards the civil rights demonstrators. these people here are firmly opposed to these marches. moreover, they don't see where they serve any useful purpose. >> most of the national press categorizes chicago as a defeat for king.
eastern nebraska all the way over to parts of indiana and michigan, including chicago and up into northern parts of minnesota. strong winds, large hail, not out of the question to see a tornado. >> they're not used to that kind of heat in seattle. but you're going to tell me, people neat coats elsewhere around the country soon? >> it's crazy. a typical july day in the midwest. but give it just a few days. watch this. this cool air working on in. we're going to see temperatures into the 50s in places like marquette, 67 in chicago. that's where they should be in the beginning of october, so, many people going out on the lakes, probably going to need a light jacket by tuesday next week. >> okay, get out the jacket. meteorologist bill kelly, thank you. >>> and now to cleveland, where e forecast is for more celebrations, after nba great lebron james announced he's returning home. one sign of the enthusiasm? a ticket to the cavaliers season opener used to go for 40 bucks. tonight, as much as $600. abc's linzie janis is in cleveland with more on the big turnaround. >> reporter: redemption tonight
's kim cunningham. >> yes, we've picked up over five inches of rain in some parts of chicago. the taste chicago canceled today. that's how bad it was. we had the heavy rain. now we're worried about severe weather. we have this dip in the jet stream. that will allow the cold air to come southward but also to actually get some energy to the front. we're already starting to see some thunderstorms developing ahead of it. we could see more severe weather into chicago later on tonight. so from kansas city to chicago, we'll be watching indianapolis this evening. then once that front goes through, the next one comes in. then we'll watch the cold air. we're talking 30 degrees, a big change for you guys. 10 on 20 degrees below average. detroit, houston, cincinnati. we'll see the temperatures only in the 60s for your highs including chicago by tuesday. 69 degrees, detroit at 72. so the cold air is on the way. it looks like it will last all the way through next week. >> all right. thank you. >>> when "nbc nightly news" continues this saturday, the rising cost of retirement has some rethinking about
strauss was a professor of political philosophy at the university of chicago. i got to know him much later--oh, i guess it would have been in the late 1940s. he was a teacher of some friends of mine who said, 'you must read this man and learn from him,' which i began and did. i then met him. he's called mr. strauss. to this day, the students of his students call-refer to him as mr. strauss. no one ever first-named professor strauss. and never 'professor strauss,' only 'mr. strauss. ' he was a very impressive teacher who--whose basic idea was you want to study politics, study plato and aristotle, and then try to understand modernity and modern politics in the light of their ideas. and it's a very fruitful way of looking at modernity. and he has produced dozens and dozens of first-rate students, whose students have now produced first-rate students, who are now into the fourth generation, as it were, of so-called straussians. c-span: back in those days, did you seek out this kind of training, or did you happen on it? >> guest: both. you know, i was a young intellectual. i mean, it was in the
for business. >>> one last thing. 82 people were shot in chicago in the span of 84 hours over the july 4th weekend. 16 of them died. as bad as that sounds, homicides in the windy city have actually been going down in recent years. chicago has the largest numbers, detroit and new orleans, highest number of murders per 100,000 people. most alarming about the fact people were being shot roughly the rate of about one per hour in chicago last weekend is that the news wasn't necessarily treated as being alarming. we've become desensitized to the gun violence. gun violence that does command our attention, the one off. the lone gunman. who kills many people like when in 2012 someone entered the colorado movie house in combat gear and killed 12 and injuring 70 more. or later that year, the sandy hook elementary school killing 20 first graders and six administrators and teachers. even then, no discernible response from the congress. why not change? an illustration how difficult it is to take even intermediate steps this week. in new jersey, governor chris christie who once upon a time long before he
. tomorrow a high of about 94. now that rain in chicago ultimately is going to be that same system that likely brings us storms monday and tuesday. so, here are your weather headlines. for tomorrow, some storms are possible during the afternoon. about a 30% chance that you're dealing with a late day shower or thunderstorm for those of you in washington. little bit better chance of some rain further back to the west in areas of fauquier and frederick and prince william counties as well as loudoun county. but, again, the real focus for storms will be on monday and tuesday. they could potentially be strong to severe. so you want to stay tuned as we continue to update the forecast author those days. that system as it pulls away refreshing, beautiful, comfortable air makes its way in wednesday, thursday, friday, potentially even into next saturday. the seven day i think you're going to like it. your air conditioner will get a break. temperatures now in the mid-to-upper 80s. 9 in washington. 86 in manassas. 88 in leesburg. 83 in annapolis. it was humid today but, again, the humidity more
signed with the chicago bulls. we said it yesterday. as soon as lebron james signed his deal all the other domino's would start to fall in place and they did. carmelo is going to the knicks. palagi saul to the bulls. chris could be back to miami. we've got a little board here and we'll figure it all out. >> phillies on 7:15 on fox. there's a little fizzle for baseball back here, guys. >> thank you shredder. >> watch the seven news after the game. dangers of the heat can lead to dehydration, heat stroke and one condition you may not have known about. stay up with us and we'll tell you all about it plus world cup coming to an end but soccer fever may just be heating up. the economic benefits of the world's most popular sport much that's tonight after the game. that's it for us tonight at 6:00. phillies game next. we'll see you here right after the phillies. good night. ♪ what can i get you? [customer] oh, sorry. i was daydreaming. [server] dreaming about your wedding, huh? [customer] yes! actually. [server] with a big ice sculpture and a string quartet? [violins playing] [custome
. this city was not alone. detroit, new york, chicago, seeing tremendous growth and development. >> absolutely. i think what was different about coke, and i think this goes to the heart of what i was writing andt, is unlike u.s. steel unlike maybe these other -- the sugar trucks in these big vertically integrated in priors, coke was very different. it chose not to vertically integrate. what i callsuccess, it secret formula, was not really its recipes, but actually, it's unique or per structure of outsourcing and franchising. what's crazy about coke is by the end of the 19th century, is all over the country. they were in every state in the union. it's the ability to do that through the bottling franchise system that makes coke really unique in terms of the taste -- the pace with which it spread across the country and then, of course, the globe. >> let me ask about the bottling and the so-called new coke, the formula that was the subject of so much attention. >> in the 1980's, 1985. what is really interesting about i trace the ingredients in the book. that is what i'm interested in. a lot of sug
at the rate of 187 homicides per 100,000 people. a little perspective the rate in chicago was 15 per 100,000 people, so this is more than 12 times worse. the worst city in the u.s. if you were parents, you just might want to risk sending your kids to the u.s. as well. and you might think the journey to the u.s. would begin with a terrifying dash across the border. but the reality on the guatemala/mexico border couldn't be more different. our cnn's gary tuchman is in guatemala city right now. gary, you went down there to check all of this out and see how tough it is. how tough is it? >> reporter: well, miguel, for central americans, undocumented migrants who want to get across the guatemalan border to mexico, it's very easy and inexpensive. we've done it both ways as reporters legally and illegally. you save a heck of a hot of time and it's a lot easier to cross illegally. but once those undocumented migrants get into mexico that's where things get much dicier. many people legally cross between guatemala and mexico, this is the guatemalan side. the other side of this bridge is the nation
they are fleeing a crappie country. people leaving chicago are they refugees. if you leave detroit are they refugees. if you believe these are refugees what do you do about it? you go to those countries and fix those countries but nobody likes american exceptionalism. >> here's the point. the real culprit the mexico. mexico allows them to transfer through their country from central america and drug lords control that border and that's what's happening. mexico should be called into account. >> why do we funnel millions of dollars to central america. we were joking we should move to el salvador and open up a pr firm. we can have tequila happy hours. do you think you can buy a pr campaign. these countries know if they send people there they are going to say. actions speak louder than words. >> here's the action. u.s. aid stops. >> how about this. meet with the president of honduras, guatemala. just meet with them. sit down and say. >> the president of mexico too. >> why not encourage a central america spring. why not? because they love our country so much -- >> you just started revolu
as it went along all the way from his hometown in illinois to washington, chicago, new york, europe, and japan. i work in my home office and look out on my backyard where some days i have 20 peacocks, which were imported to palos verdes to run wild by frank vanderlip. i never thought i would be standing here on this rainy day directly across the street from frank vanderlip's bank, which is standing in front of right here. that was in probably about 1930 when that picture was taken. because we are across from his bank, i would like for us to forget this modern world for a minute or two and forget all of the traffic outside and go back to this time 100 years ago. here we are on wall street in 1907. electricity is new. telephones, radio, they are all brand-new inventions. there are no televisions. no computers. nothing like an atm has been imagined. at the end of everyday banking, each bank would gather together all of the checks and paperwork of money drawn against their bank and money they had to pay out. someone from each bank had to gather this and hand carry it to a clearinghouse.
'll look at what's behind the shooting spike in new york and chicago. >>> are folks more interested in politics or solving the problem? if they're interested in solving the problem, then this can be solved. if the preference is for politics, this won't be solved. >> welcome to "the journal editorial report." that was president obama in dallas, attempting to frame the debate over immigration, and pointing the finger on republicans for failing to act. and under fire for his decision not the visit the texas border, he's asking for $3.7 billion from congress. a situation that has turned into a political and humanitarian crisis for the president. here's our panel. mary, you followed the issue for years. immigration to the united states. what is behind this influx of children? >> well, you have push and pull factors. so, from central america, lots of crime and violence. and that's well-documented. general kelly wrote a piece for the military times this week, saying the effect of the war on drugs there has created chaos and a breakdown of institutions there. and the pull factor, an asylum
or four weeks ago, my daughter attends high school in the chicago area. she came home to me and said dad, can you help me on my chemistry? i was a chemistry and a.p. chemistry teacher. i said, of course i can, because that's what i used to teach. but none of her friends had me as a dad. so she got the help at home, but her friends don't have that option. >> what are the challenges still? and i assume you get some pushback of some critics who still have some value, and the kid getting that direction, that instruction, and not just guidance and help with homework, if you will. so what do you see as still some kinks that need to be worked out in the system? >> well, the two big questions that we're always asked is what if students don't have access to technology? what if a kid lives in a high poverty area and doesn't have access to technology. but we have schools -- in fact, the one you cited clintondale high school, they've solved that problem. we had that problem at our rural school in colorado where we had 25% of the kids without the internet. so what we did is we ultimately put some vid
but chicago all the way back to omaha we could b see heavy downpours. it's been wet around chicago early this morning. we're catching a little bit of a break but that heavy rain has pushed to the indianapolis area. that's certainly another spot that could be in line for those stronger storms. and in addition of the threat of severe weather we'll be watching out for big swings in our temperatures as a push of air pulls down from canada. that will allow that cool canadian air mass as severe weather shifts a little further east. so the temperatures side of the story today still warm here anywhere from minneapolis to omaha, kansas city. high temperatures in the 80s, near 90, but let's jump ahead. that's when temperatures will not make it out of the low 60s. we'll see temperatures falling 10 to 20 degrees below average and then at night we'll drop it into the 40s and as. feeling a little bit more like fall but it's quite the opposite here across the northwest. we have a heatwave taking over across washington and oregon. it will stay mainly dry, in addition to heat advisories, we have a threat
and for all? >>> and we'll look at what's behind the shooting spike in new york and chicago. >>> are folks more interested in politics or solving the
the design center on home furnishings it's happening in the marketing areas in chicago it is down to - they're still there are only the building is 95 percent rented and mothering role is the tenant and the life is returning the high design community is recognizing the invincible and this property promises >> how long has mothering role been the tenant. >> the deal was struck about two years ago the other tenant that is large is i don't even know the last part it is called fish something to another high tech firm. >> thank you. thank you very much. next speaker. >> hello, i'm crista i own a coopering design consulting i'm a tenant in the galleria building and i'm partnering with penn truce on this and bringing in a technology company that's focused on design it brings new energy i think it changes the way we're able to community with interior design includes many of my includes work with a journeying generation of interior designers they start their design interests on pep truce it's no substitute for the brick and mortar it's definitely the first area that people start to do the resea
. and that will bring some record lows our way. >> reporter: hit hard by the polar vortex last winter, chicago. >> it doesn't feel like summer has gotten here yet. >> reporter: now at the lickety-split ice cream shop, they're preparing. >> when it's 60, we see less people. >> it's going to be like 55. that's cold for the summer but not a polar vortex. >> reporter: it will only be a chilly swim for many cities. in bad news, the real start to autumn is just two months away. >>> the president wants almost $4 million to battle the human crisis at the border. what will that money pay for? jane. her long day on set starts with shoulder pain... ...and a choice take 6 tylenol in a day which is 2 aleve for... ...all day relief. hmm. [bell ring] "roll sound!" "action!" look at what i put together. cheddar and honey nut chex mix. get outta here! i made this belt with traditional, bold, and peanut butter chocolate chex mix. you guys are cute! i've got trail mix, peanut lovers, chipotle cheddar, dark chocolate, hot n' spicy... turtle, cookies 'n cream, italian herb & parmesan, sour cream 'n onion
of people would just speak out. poets camino, people like me now matthews in chicago speaking out about was going on in chicago. anyone who uses language i would move in our little bit. if i remove riders then i cut down why audiences. i know that there is already an economic system against writers in general. and so just trying to figure out how the woodwork. personally, talking about american the way that i see america which is close to the way that it is, probably not exactly, but close. i think that is helpful, but i don't think that it is enough. >> enough to do what? >> to have anybody take their cell phone out of a pocket and thing, while, this is a san. this should be the 11th send in the bible. to really end the stand, you know, to really understand you we are in the world him what we're doing, criticizing all kinds of other people and it's easy to do. but who i am, what i am doing, and that is to actually identify the writer and reader with the essential truth. >> you asked what we need to do as writers. what can we do to offer some sort of truth to raise consciousness as some
-soaked areas. flooding continues to be a problem in mississippi and in chicago we have flash flood warnings out for this time. in addition to the heavy rainfall severe weather will be possible chicago all the way back to omaha, nebraska, with hail, downpours and damaging winds. in the midwest there will be cooler air. we havit will head a little bit east in the early part of next week. we're going from temperatures 80 degrees today down to mid 70s sunday. monday and tuesday that's when the fall-like chill in the air. and then a climb from the mid 60s to 70 degrees. >> thank you, eboni. we da giant rubiks cube was taking a trip down the river hoppering the toy's anniversary. that's all for now. thank you for watching al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford. stay tuned because "inside story" is coming up next. . >> from the relative comfort of most american homes, spending a fortune to smuggle your kids from one vast country into another seems hard to imagine, but the conditions in el salvador, honduras and guatemala would be hard to imagine. that is the "inside story." >> hello, i'm ray suarez.
. and make sure that, for example, in september, when obama was running, i went to chicago and set down with mrs. obama to go through what the traditional events that you almost have to do or the nation thinks that you are not going to be a traditional first lady. you could do some of those and take those off the table. then you can put your stamp on the administration. the world looks to the first lady and the white house is a , pulpit that can be used for that. you have to think about what that is and, if you go and do the traditional things, you can put your own stamp on it. let's move is a perfect and wonderful example. all of those different projects. they were very aware of that. they worked very hard to bring people together and getting to know people. i think the president and mrs. clinton are very curious and want to know all kinds of different people. they did a good job of bringing people together. >> i think the obama's, much like the clintons, having children, it is keeping its the -- it is keeping it the people's house. we could've done a better job at the washington estab
netanyahu said he will not bow to international pressures. >> violence has surged in chicago. >> we have seen too much violence. >> they have access to guns and we need comprehensive gun legislation. >> if we can find the money, $4 billion. >> lebron james says he's going back to where it all started. >> the offer has hit. big with america. >> and of course the sports world seems to be taking over all of the united states. >> soccer was an immigrant sport. now that's changed. my boys will grow up knowing soccer is an american sport. >> we begin with the severe aerial offensive that has killed 120 people in gaza. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu vowed to press on with the attacks as long as hamas continued to send rockets into israel and signaled a ground invasion may be possible. >> we're preparing for all the possibilities. >> on friday the united nations' human rights raised concerns of the offensive against gaza violates international law that bans the targeting of civilians and called on both sides to respond. >> the reports we're receiving do raise serious doubts whether ac
storms in chicago already this morning. could see more as the evening goes on and then we're going to see that cooler weather filter in beginning sunday night in northern sections, it will just filter down over much of the country through the next few days. severe weather possible later today. large hail, damaging winds, des moines, chicago, this threat shifts a bit farther to the east through tomorrow. more populated areas. pittsburgh, indianapolis could see severe weather tomorrow as well. look at these temperatures. low temperature, monday, tuesday, wednesday, in the 40s and then we'll see high temperatures not even making it to 70 degrees in chicago. can you believe it? >> no. it is kind of nice. although i am a hot weather kind of girl, but it's sweltering. and humid, so sometimes, it's nice to pull out a summer sweater. thanks so much. >>> all right, iraq says militants have gotten their hands on nuclear materials. this was the saying, it's not a major threat, but does it show a dangerous new step in the crisis in iraq? lieutenant colonel rick francona joining us live, next. >>> u.s
in chicago, the interface used car has a simple message, rather than getting young people of different religions to sit in a romance talk about the things that unite and divide them, instead they go out onto the streets and clean the streets, help build hospitals, feed the poor and the needy, close of those who are naked and they put their shared values in action. regardless what religion we are, we have the same ideals, the same morals, and care for those who cannot care for themselves. you want greater connection, greater peace, between religious traditions, stop talking about things you have in common and go put those things in action. >> host: david in rochester, new york, go ahead with your question for reza aslan. >> caller: you mentioned earlier in this program--it has been so long zoroastrianism. i believe that was the religion of persia before it became iran. what i was wondering is are there any vestiges left of this religion in present-day iran or anyplace else? or is it a completely dead religion? >> guest: f fantastic question. i love when people ask me about zoroastrianis
to talk about the gun violence that continues to plague the city of chicago. the chicago tribune is reporting this morning that two people were killed in shootings in chicago last night. 18 more were injured. this comes only days after the killing of 14 people due to gun violence over the 4th of july holiday weekend. the city has been under scrutiny since 2012. it was that year when the city was the only city in the country to have more than 500 homicides. chicago mayor rahm emmanuel recently called the gun violence senseless and unacceptable but also blamed the lack of gun reform for the problem. so let me ask, do we think that rahm emmanuel is right or is this level of violence really a chicago specific problem? what's up with their policing? >> well, just a couple things. in addition to the 14 people killed there were almost 90 people actually shot that weekend which is an astounding figure. here in new york we've seen gun violence actually spike and the mayor has said that, and the police commissioner said they're putting a few hundred extra police officers on the street. it'
with a strong clash. >> that will lead to strong storms in the north-east. today's threat stretches from chicago back to ohio. they can't be ruled out. there's strong damaging winds. and heavy downpours. no stranger to the heavy rainfall. we have been dealing with it. looks like we'll have more of the same. we are watching the rivers downstream around the st. lousar. in the west, we are drier and high pressure and control allowing the heat to climb across the north-west, where we have heat advisories in place. all the areas shaded in orange. heat advisories. be extra careful getting out here. temperatures typically mid'70s. 90s to 100 doctorings. back to you -- degrees. >> back to you. >> thank you. the state where more die from heroin than car accidents. nersy buts a -- new jersey puts a new face on the heroin endimic. >>> and a life of legend, a look back at john seigenthaler senior. >>> and the setting sun puts on the show in manhattan. a look at the capital in washington d.c. as folks begin their day. stay with us on al jazeera. >>> new yorkers are in for a treat this weekend, courtesy of m
's quite chilly. chicago, 9. 15 below average. that is how much below average we're talking about here. wichita, kansas, 15 below average. your overnight lows even cooler. 30s in the upper midwest on tuesday morning. temperatures get down into oklahoma city. minneapolis, your average high 84 degrees. we'll get coolest into monday. high temperature 65 degrees. temperatures ramping back up tuesday, wednesday. it is going to be a crisp, dry air mass. for a lot of people it will feel like fall. eventually some of the cooler air will get down to kansas city. we're not going to shatter too many records. we will get close. kansas city, tuesday, 56. our forecast coming in around 53 degrees on tuesday morning. but equal reactions. the northwest will be 20 degrees above average. alex, the polar vortex thing has got to stop. this is not a polar vortex. it is cold air coming from canada. the polar vortex we'll cope to the winter. >> we never say crisp in the summer. i say thank you. sounds good to me. >>> a sports story that tran sends sports. in fact, in that midwest city it could help lead a rus
, food, shelter, education. >> kids in chicago are hurting. kids are dying, awful these shootings over the fourth of july weekend and even jesse jackson and the mayor there, rahm immanuel democrats are saying instead of spending all this money on immigrants spend it here in chicago. $67,000 for immigrant. that's a good teal. >> about time jesse jackson speaks up low wage americans who are getting shafted by this. >> idea hey politicians actually can contribute to a political issue if they show up and photo ops sometimes do work. if you had jesse jackson and others showing up in chicago. get face. get cameras out there to talk about the violence in chicago. that's why it would be probably pretty helpful if the president went down to the border to show up and bring a the lot of attention there instead of the president going there. his homeland securityçvsñ secretary jay johnson went to the border and said stay out. stay out. we want to send this message to central mick. you are not going to get in here for free. listen to what he said. >> we intend to send you back consistent with our
the way through chicago, could see large hail, damaging wind, can't rule out the possibility of isolated tornado. tomorrow, little more populated areas going to be in the center of the storms. we're going to be watching that. the big story the past couple of days has been the air that's come in from the north. it's going to drop temperatures across a large part of the country. we are going to take a significant break from summer. on the flip side of that, that means much warmer than normal temperatures in the west and ep especially the pacific northwest. look at the low temperature, monday morning in marquette, 45 degrees were their average 55. we'll see temperatures in the 50s starting oubt in chicago and high temperatures in the 50s in marquette. mid 60s in my opinion nap lis, 70 for you in chicago. dropping to 69 on tuesday. can you believe it? not really affecting the northeast much. we'll see temperatures drop to the upper 70s in new york city on wednesday. your average temperature of 84. but like you mentioned, the manhattan hinge, what a cool thing if you're in new york. check it
look at ourselves again? >> everything is online and on >> new york, chicago, san francisco here we come. >> how to visit a big city on a small budget. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪ swing low sweet chariot ♪ coming forth to carry ♪ me home ♪ swing low sweet chariot ♪ coming forth ♪ to carry me home ♪ >> children are dying everyday from hunger and sickness. innocent children just like this one. these children are facing death right now but with your support and just .50 cents a day, we can save them. please go online and/or call this number and join the u.s. fund for only $15 a month. it's just .50 cents a day and you will deliver emergency medical care, vaccines and life saving nutrition to the children who could die without it. it's just .50 cents a day but it will mean the difference between life and death for a child waiting for help right now. reach out to that child so they never have to look into the face of death again. go online or pick up the phone now. >> is there a big city you've been wanting to visit without blowing your paycheck? well if yo
baltimore, ohio, connecting, it is a gigantic switching station that makes the chicago stockyards of the old days look like it small. really. it's 100 acres sitting out in farmland, but they will have double-decker trains, i mean, be able to double stack boxes, boxcars, containers, taking all the stuff westinghouse is making, and carrier, and all the rest and the old manufacturing and they will get to the port of baltimore one quarter of the cost, three times the speed. what we are doing, what you are doing is we're widening tunnels so the stress can go through with a double decks on on them, switching yards are changing. it's kind of a profound impact. tractate transportation system is today, and i know you know all this, more than 52 million tons of goods worth nearly $46 billion every single day. almost 40 tons of freight per person per year for everyone who lives in america. that's only going to grow. what about the rail system? is a growing anywhere near proportion? what we need now, let alone, let alone, we are going to need. big debate, you know this in alabama is whether not you've g
businesses jeff locke was in chicago. jeff. reporter: still driving them, as you pointed out. earlier in this broadcast these cars were all of the road. this is a 2005 saturn ion and has been recalled and not been repaired and i want to take you inside to introduce you to someone who owns this car, joanna how and this cars on now. look what i just did. i just hit it and turned it off. happens to you a lot. >> yeah, when driving occasionally. reporter: and you actually find yourself able as jerry did earlier the broadcast to turn it on quickly and not panic. >> i do panic, but i tried it on quickly. reporter: that is amazing. >>> yeah, it has become a habit at this point. reporter: has a few feel at this point in this car? >> as long as it is often feel okay. reporter: interesting. take a look at the numbers in terms of hobby cars need to be repaired and how many have been repaired. we are talking 2.6 million recalled and at this .410000 repaired. what are they telling you about repairs, joanne? >> we are currently waiting to get it repaired and i think they said the part within but we
for a photo-op and shake hands and leave. i chicago and supposed to be in ohio over the course of the last two days. if we can have substantive conversation about how to secure the border and he agreed to do that which i appreciated. >> you know, one of the things i've been critical of republicans in washington. i think sometimes they've been timid. they've been unwilling to use some of the constitutional authority, the power of the purse. the governor seems to be able to get things done. i think the president should be able to. one example, on the v.a. i would have set up a 1-800 number as soon as i found out there was institutionalized fraud and they weren't getting the care we promised them. months passed. nothing is happening. you meet with the president. you told him how bad the problem s. the next question, when do you expect a response? don't we need a sense of urgency? >> i think there is. i think americans understand now. as of the information that you're going to be sharing with the american public about the number of criminal events that have occurred over the course of the last six
with the chicago bulls. very tall an athletic. >>> sixers summer league action in orlando, nerlens knoll sitting this one out. thompson has had a strong summer. nice drive and finish. he led all with 21. then a player who made a good impression thus far, st. joes product, ronald roberts, with the air ball and put back right there. he had 12-point, 11 boards. sixers beat memphis 91-75. they win champion ship. they begin vegas summer league action tonight. that is it for sports i'm rob ellis, enjoy your weekend. >>> gets to cross a big item off of her bucket list. she went z ip lining at 86 years old. accomplishment made all of the more astonishing when you hear her medical history, a stroke, open heart surgery and she's completely blind. she says the ride didn't last long enough. >> when you get to be 86, there is not a heck of a lot of time left to do whatever, and we all have choices. we can live or we can exist. >> wow. >> she's living. check her out. florence went z ip lining hundreds of feet in the air, wow, that is crazy. what is next for her, how can you top this? she wants to sky dive, ye
complicadas les quiero anticipar que de domingo a martes me imagino que hacia el norte de chicago ya guardaron sus abrigos los van a tener que sacar regresar una masa de aire inusual, vaya preparÁndose cierta inestabilidad en el sur de la florida actividad de precipitaciones del grueso de la tormenta sigue afectando del sur al medio oeste en las prÓximas 36 horas de domingo se va a mover hacia todo el noreste provocando en ny, el washington dc condiciones muy severas tenemos toda esta humedad que va afectar al noroeste, en chicago se aproximan condiciones muy severas especialmente esta noche. las mÁximas temperaturas para maÑana en los 84 grados en el norte del paÍs hacia el centro el paÍs 96, kansas muy similar la temperatura en comparaciÓn a seattle con 90 asÍ que hacia el norte de nosotros en los Ángeles van a tener temperaturas mucho mÁs cÁlidas llega el fin de semana, uno las acepta mejor que si fuera la semana laboral, las temperaturas para maÑana en el norte del paÍs en los 84, recuerde que para la prÓxima semana todas las temperaturas altas para cambiar, muchos lo van a a
in chicago in my office who came only recently under the impression that that policy was going to apply to them. i had to tell them that no, you didn't get here in time and you're too late and have to go to home or find another way to stay here. >> it seems like everybody is between a rock and a hard place. politically and in policy. the president if he tries to change the law, there are people on the hill who will say, we don't care what you suggest. we are not going to give you anything you need. the money to sustain a failed policy someone put it. if fewer republicans and you have been hoping the immigration issue would kind of go away because it doesn't cut for you, they're also between -- we saw it with rick perry this week. between a rock and a hard place about whether to get on board with some solution or to resist. how is that taking out? >> the thing i was most interested in was the day that the president's request dropped on capitol hill. i was talking to a bunch of republicans, in the senate and in the house. and in the house, the house republicans have a terrible relationshi
weekend is the norm in the city of chicago? >>> our first guest says as americans we can be sympathetic with the plight of 90,000 unaccompanied illegal children who have entered the united states, or will enter it by september? but he says see what not be tolerant of an insecure border. i'm joined by former arkansas governor, host of huckabee on the fox news channel, mike huckabee. great to have you with us. >> thank you, lou, great to be here. lou: 90,000 children the update from secretary johnson. he says that beginning next week, the deportations will be initiated and he sounds for all the world like that will be the end of the problem. do you buy any of it? >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, if you like your health insurance, you can keep that, too. how many things do we have to be told by the administration that logistically don't work out. here's the crazy thing. tens of thousands of people coming. we don't have a way to deport them. it was amazing former arkansas congressman found if you buy tickets on priceline can you send everyone back for 29.5 million dolla
. there is a tremendous need to incentivize economically distressed communities like many parts of chicago, other urban as well as rural areas. and those incentives have lapsed . they are threatened. we are not sure they are going to be coming. this bill continues the republican legislative focus on the wrong issues. ignoring the key programs that create jobs, strengthen our citizens, and grow our economy. just imagine what unemployment insurance does. it gives the person who does not have a job the knowledge that something is going to be coming to go to the grocery store and buy milk or bread. or what happens when there is employment opportunities, if roads and bridges are being repaired. a person gets a sense of confidence that there might be work for them to do. i remember the song several years ago about get a job. the guy said that every day when he reads the paper, he reads it through and through. trying to find out if there is any work for me to do. ut his wife says, get a job. and individuals who have become because no matter what they seem to do, there is no relief. so how could i vote for thi
bought a couple of books when i was in chicago having a week's holiday. i went to a bookstore, and this is about 14-15 years ago now, and i picked these two books up. then later in i was in london doing a thing about young apprentices, and gordon brown came over and asked me what i was reading at the time, and i told him that i had started to read a couple of books about the civil war. he said to me; "i'll send you some tapes. so he sent me a dozen tapes by a professor gary gallagher, and i was playing them in my car every morning going into work. i got really fascinated by it. it is a fantastic history. >> charlie: you think battl battlefield sites. >> i've since been to antium, gettysburg, manassas - the bull run where the first battle; there was two battles there of course, and i went up to princeton to meet james mcpherson, the great historian of the civil war who wrote the book 'battle cry of freedom. he was very engaging, and very accommodating to me in terms of how he saw it. >> charlie: but not world war ii, not world war i, not the war of 1812. it's civil war that spe
, the president goes to north carolina, in may, chicago. in july, maine. in august, panama, city, florida. and then just days later the president heads. then another trip to hawaii which brings to us 2011. so where is president obama at an important time like this? he is officially on vacation in massachusetts on martha's vineyard for 10 days. and months later back to hawaii. president is wrapping up hawaiian vacation and he is headed to air force one. and then election year 2012, a summer trip but the president still making it to hawaii in december. cutting it short to deal with the fiscal cliff. and then, returning days later. the price tag on that second round trip flight? more than 3.2 million tax dollars. the president right now at this very minute is in hawaii playing golf. and in 2013 he is off to palm city, florida. president obama taking on tiger woods on the golf course. and then, back to march that's vineyard. president obama is taking a vacation. >> another posh estate. in december, more than two weeks in honolulu. and this time serious controversy. the first lady would remain
to get to work. in chicago, mike tillman, fox news. >>> the california state fair kicked off today in sacramento. along with plenty of animal exhibits this year's fair includes plenty of rides for children. this year's fair runs through frill july 27th. tickets are $12 for adults, $8 for children. >>> pretty significant rain layer out there and tonight. we're getting a big push of cool moist air inland just like we did yesterday morning. we will see a lot of fog tomorrow among but it'll warm quickly. temperatures are going to warm. daytime highs are going to make it to the upper 80s. so the satellite imagine shows fog along the coast. showing up mainly right now along point rays. showing up at the san francisco air. it's blowing pretty hard there. a lot of fog for you tomorrow morning. the winds are issuing that warm air. strong 30-mile an hour gusts. you see strong on shore cool night breezes. they're going to get cut off tomorrow. that's why we warm up. that's why fire danger is going to go up a little bit. fire danger will become more of an issue. definitely compared to what we'
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